John Hertz, fanwriter

Page updated June 2009
with 2008 writing samples.

John's writing has appeared variously in fanzines, semiprozines, convention fliers and program books, and his own zine Vanamonde.

Two collections of his writing have been published, Dancing and Joking (2005) and West of the Moon (2002).

Since he is found mostly on what Calgary fan Dale Speirs calls the Papernet, here are some samples. (Click on the underlined links to see them.)

Samples from 2008

The Worldcon I Saw – Nippon 2007
(from the fanzine File 770 #152)

The Residence of the Wind
(second half of Japan report; from the fanzine Argentus #8)

Again in 2010
(from the fanzine File 770 #153)

Algis Budrys 1931-2008
(from the fanzine The Drink Tank #194)

What the Thunder Said
(from the fanzine Banana Wings #36)

Vincent Di Fate, Infinite Worlds
(book review; from

Avram Davidson ed., The Best of "Fantasy and Science Fiction", 13th Series
(book review; from

Westercon Notebook (text only) (PDF of fanzine pages)
(from the fanzine File 770 #154)

Unfolding Stars
(fanzine reviews; from the fanzine Chunga #14)

Wonders of 1958 – six classics of science fiction
(from the Denvention III Website – 2008 Worldcon)

Playing Along
(joining in a fanzine editor's acrostics; from Data Dump)

from Vanamonde


J.D. Wyss, The Swiss Family Robinson (1813)
(Vanamonde #768)

M. Weinreb, The Kings of New York (2007)
(Vanamonde #779)


Till Eulenspiegel
(Vanamonde #766)

Richard Knerr 1925-2008
(Vanamonde #776)

Sadakichi Hartmann
(Vanamonde #788)


Larry Niven in New York
(Vanamonde #774)

Pontian dancing
(Vanamonde #783)

(Vanamonde #786)


Poetry Corner

Samples from 2006

Four S-F Haiku
(from the fanzine Science Fiction Five-Yearly #12)

Results of the Nippon 2007 Haiku Contest
(from Progress Report 2)

Larry Niven, The Draco Tavern (2006)
(book review; from the semiprozine Emerald City #131)

CascadiaCon -- the 2005 North America S-F Convention (NASFiC)
(from the fanzine File 770 #147)

Our Fanzines
(from the fanzine The Knarley Knews #120)

A "Reissian"
-- free verse with no ascenders or descenders,
i.e. no b d f h i k l t or g j p q y
(from the poetry zine Awen #41)

Classics of Science Fiction
(from L.A.con IV Progress Report #4)

Howard DeVore 1925-2005
(from the fanzine File 770 #147)

from Vanamonde


Mark Twain, A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court (1899)
(Vanamonde #683, 685)

The Journals of Lewis and Clark (F. Bergon ed. 2003)
(Vanamonde #674)


Eric Temple Bell
(Vanamonde #686)

Walt Daugherty's bronze medal
(Vanamonde #668)


Monday afternoon
(Vanamonde #676)

Figure skating, cartooning
(Vanamonde #669)


Poetry Corner

Samples from 2005

Frank Kelly Freas 1922-2005 (PDF)
(from File 770 #144)

(Art Guest of Honor write-up, Armadillocon 27; from the Program Book)

Westercon Notebook (PDF)
(from File 770 #146)

Playing Along
(joining in a fanzine editor's acrostics; from Data Dump)

It Seemed the Fannish Thing to Do
(column; from the semiprozine Chronicle [sometimes Science Fiction Chronicle] #257)

from Vanamonde


Larry Niven, Ringworld's Children (2004)
(Vanamonde #610; reprinted File 770 #145)

Oliver Onions, The Tower of Oblivion (1921)
(Vanamonde #613)


Chinese New Year
(Vanamonde #614)

Rocket fans
(Vanamonde #621)

Greeks and Persians
(Vanamonde #631)


Poetry Corner

Samples from 2004

2004 Worldcon Masquerade Report (PDF)
(from File 770 #145)

I Thought I Had a Pumpkin Bomb (PDF)
(memoir; from the fanzine Trap Door #23)

Westercon Notebook (PDF)
(from File 770 #144)

Distilled Spirit of a Classic Fanzine
(review of The Best of "Xero"; from Emerald City #110; reprinted on

Interview with Hanville Svetz (PDF)
(Larry Niven's fictional character; interview co-authored with Niven; from the fanzine Argentus #4)

Samples from 2003 and earlier

Forward to the Basics
(in forum on "Is Fandom a Way of Life?"; from the fanzine Mimosa #30, 2003)

Mike Glyer
(Fan Guest of Honour write-up, Torcon 3, 2003 Worldcon; from the Program Book)

The Glass Bead Game
(review of Hermann Hesse's novel; from the fanzine YHOS [Your Humble Obedient Servant] #59, 2002)

The English Regency and Me
(memoir; from Mimosa #26, 2000, reprinted in Mimosa #29)

Westercon Notebooks
(from File 770)

2003 - Seattle (PDF)

2002 - Los Angeles (PDF)

2001 - Portland (PDF)

2000 - Honolulu (PDF)

1999 - Spokane (PDF)

Worldcon Masquerade Reports
(from Science Fiction Chronicle)

2000 - Chicago (PDF)
1998 - Baltimore (PDF)
1994 - Winnipeg (PDF)
(all three are in one document)

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