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from Vanamonde (2008)

This antic of yours is both wacky and generous. [Van 764]

Georgette Heyer (1902-1974) knew there was more to comedy of manners than snarky comments, if I understand the word correctly, or perhaps it does mean "meager and hollow, but crisp" (Complete Works of Lewis Carroll, Mod. Lib. ed. 1936, p. 763). [Van 769]

Would you call "All You Zombies" a Heinlein time-dilated romance between a grown-up man and a girl who becomes a woman? [Van 771]

To create a new kind of game which earns popularity and rouses interest is no small feat. [Van 773]

I recommend the demanding, engaging, nourishing exercise by which one finds what may be worth writing, and worth reading, in response to what other fans write, and in reflection upon life the universe and everything. Partly therefore I have proposed "comment flints" in hopes of improving upon the long-used "comment hooks", i.e. not "flints" = hard sharp brittle dangers lurking in comments but what might strike sparks. Also perhaps "comment hook" suggests "comment bait" and our temptation to write only or mainly I disagree. Also help is mutually contributive. A fanwriter who manages to add something worthwhile aids others. As for how easy or hard this may be, while that naturally is a factor I respectfully suggest it can have no higher than a second place, or we may be cowed not only by those who would enslave us but by vicissitude. The modern maxim I'll do this so long as it's fun I believe a valuable half-truth; indicating the other half a man of your faith said "It is more blessed to give than to receive" (Acts 20:35). [Van 779]

Four decades ago a Japanese predicted, and two decades ago five men of whom three would in 1996 win the Nobel Prize for it discovered, the astounding C-60 allotrope they named buckminsterfullerene, after which a much wider family named fullerenes was found; the molecular structure corresponds to the energetic-synergetic geometry of R. Buckminster Fuller (1895-1983), geodesic spheres, and like that. The 1998 Worldcon "Bucconeer" (Baltimore, hence con + buccaneer, which latter you probably know meant originally food some people ate), inevitably called "Bucky", adopted the C-60 "buckyball" as its Official Molecule. So did Texas. [Van 784]

What of Johnna Klukas' wooden space ships against dark reaches whose stars she made from nails? [Van 786]

A nice question how much realism belongs in fantasy – or even what it is. [Van 787]