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About the collections Dancing and Joking and West of the Moon

Dancing and Joking (contents) was published in 2005 after John was Fan Guest of Honor at Westercon LVII (Phoenix); West of the Moon (contents) in 2002 likewise after Lunacon XLIV (New York). Each is available in exchange for a donation of at least US$5 (or equivalent) to TAFF (the Trans-Atlantic Fan Fund) or DUFF (the Down Under Fan Fund); donate to your local Fund Administrator and say which collection (or both) you wish; a copy will be sent by paper mail.

TAFF has brought fans across the Atlantic, eastbound or westbound in alternate years, since 1954; DUFF likewise across the Pacific since 1972. For more information, you can visit the TAFF Website (which also has information about DUFF), or write to the Fund Administrator.

TAFF donations

Send US$ to Chris Garcia, 962 W. Weddell Dr. #15, Sunnyvale, CA 94089, U.S.A. (checks payable to him, please put TAFF on Memo line).

Send cheques for sterling to Bridget Bradshaw, 103 Rustat Road, Cambridge, CB1 3QG, U.K. (payable to TAFF).

DUFF donations

Send US$ to Steve and Sue Francis, 5503 Matterhorn Dr., Louisville, KY 40216 (make checks payable to Steve Francis).

Send NZ$ to Norman Cates, 26 Halifax St., Wellington, New Zealand (cash, or cheques payable to Norman Cates).

addresses current as of June 2009