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from Vanamonde (2006)

To me true love seems much more contributing to someone's creations than hurting when she hurts, although the greater includes the lesser. [Van 691]

The history of technology knows -- and s-f does too -- much that was very cheap after the costs to develop and establish had been borne. [Van 687]

With Germany hosting the World Cup soccer games, Spanish-language newspaper street-vending boxes here bear the legend Alemania. But it means something different to me. [Van 685]

I've called cartoonery art just for its requiring the power of choosing well what to include, what to dwell on, what to omit. [Van 678]

To publish one's own work wields a two-edged sword. One's work becomes available, free of any publishers more irritating than oneself, but one has not met the challenge of satisfying both one's own and their judgment in order to appear. One has neither hindrance nor help. [Van 675]

Why shouldn't a character be more heroic, or more anything, or less anything, than its author? [Van 671]