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Poetry Corner

from Vanamonde (2005)

A limerick, how do I do it? I could say "I set my mind to it"; but actually I have to struggle and try, and if thought won't fit then I hew it. [Van 611]

Five teen skateboarders
Walking on the downtown street,
Tuesday, 3 a.m. [Van 623]

Saturn peaches start
The summer. Their light sweetness
Is lonely somehow. [Van 635]

Thank you for blooming,
Gold-heart purple zinnia.
What a handsome bee! [Van 640]

Carry me forward
Even to the flowering
Leaves and green hope for
Through rains that really nourish
Strengthening stalks for the sun. [Van 619]

Ears, hands, and breath bring music
A thousand years to our night.
Now we see the autumn Moon. [Van 650]

Igor Fyodorovich Stravinsky
Was connected to Minsk. He
Descended from its governor
Whose spirit lay hoverin' o'er. Hmm, needs work -— [Van 622]