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from Vanamonde #786 (2008)

Glenn Glazer and Allison Hershey, dating four years and engaged four more, were at last married, but it was something of Wait and hurry up, the officiating judge only looked like Nalo Hopkinson, and the urgency had mundane reasons of little color in their personal life. This unsatisfying state was ameliorated at Nippon 2007 (World Science Fiction Convention, Yokohama) when they were presented, to us who could be present, in Japanese wedding clothes from the collection of the con chairman's wife. But that while it had beauty lacked ceremony. We leaped at the chance to join Wedcon, June 14th, Inn of the Seventh Ray, Topanga.

By no means all members were fans. Registration chief Jordan Brown admitted to me he should have assembled the name badges and ribbons in advance; many of us were delighted to find Elayne Pelz at the Registration desk giving an envelope with a badge, and a bag with a Program Book, but the rest didn't know what to do. Tom Whitmore was Chairman and Celebrant. Alexandra Brown was Ring-bearer; as Whitmore put in his Chairman's Message, "All of us who have read Tolkien know just how important a job this is." Bride's Party were Bettyann Guarino and Kathy Stevens; Toastmaster (and Best Man) was Fang van Took, upon whom as ever much was to be blamed. Of course Forry Ackerman was there. He had introduced Hershey's parents. Facilities chief Kimberly Brown was everywhere.

The Program Book explained the Art Show, costumes, the Dealers' Room; it had an advertisement for Wedcon L in 2058, tall tales, and swell photos of Hershey in a hawk show, Glazer in a tree, both inside the front cover (my favorite), and them among the population of the Hershey Hotel. There was a Banquet, to which were added pastel M&M candies marked GMG and AFH. The Bride Guest of Honor, the Groom GoH, the Fang GoH, and everyone acquitted themselves excellently, we threw rose petals, and at the end when I said goodbye to Whitmore he answered "I don't know why you say goodbye, I say hello."